Experience goes a long way…When choosing a wedding photographer, it makes sense to hire someone with experience who knows how to handle the unexpected. And the unexpected can happen, even in the most perfectly planned, elegant wedding.
This image was taken during a complete downpour while taking formal portraits. I had 25 people out on the mall for formal family and wedding party portraits. Everyone was lined up and ready to go and suddenly the sky opened with a complete downpour and there was not a lot of shelter. Take 25 people formally dressed before a wedding, and add a deluge of rain and only 2 umbrellas, and you have a stressed group of people!
All eyes to me, the photographer…what do we do?
We called the limo for a pickup, we ran back to the Hotel Boulderado, we made light of it eventually and got some really fun photos along the way.
And then we set up again inside the hotel to photograph indoors for a whole different look of images. They were equally as good, just a change of location.
It actually lightened the mood, we all had a laugh and everyone was ultimately really happy!

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