A Good Day for a Plank-Boulder, CO

Forget purse dogs, Hummers and star tattoos, when it comes to the celebrity world’s latest craze, ‘everybody’s doing it’ seems to be an understatement. So what is it that’s got everybody from Rosario Dawson to Justin Bieber getting down (literally) this time? Planking. So here we have local celebrity Miriam Eckert planking for us in her gorgeous kitchen in Boulder CO.

No it’s not pirate slang or a crude euphemism, it is literally the act of laying light as a feather, stiff as a board — like a plank of wood.

But before we delve too far into the art of laying still, that so many celebrities have already mastered, let’s first engage in a bit of planking 101 — from what we’ve learned there are several important planking rules to live by. One can plank on anything and everything. One should enlist a friend to photograph said planking. One must post said photograph to every and any social networking site with a certain level of strategic apathy. One should once again show off said planking skills on as many late night talk shows as possible.-facts from Popeater.com

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