Boulder Wedding Photography Testimonial

It is always so great to hear happy words from clients when they take time to share. I am so grateful for that! It is my greatest intention to bring joy to people through their photographs. And it makes me really happy when people feel I have captured the true essence of their day. Wow!! My thanks for these shared words, Lexie! “Barb, I just wanted to let you know- I spent a lot of time looking over the pictures over break, and you were able to capture so many amazing moments of our wedding. The energy that day was like none other I have ever felt- for the first time every in a picture, I felt like you captured my love and joy that day. Thank you for holding this memory down in pictures. I can now share with my (future) children and look at them when I am in a bad mood and remind myself about what is important in life!” Thank you again, L

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