My Grandmother’s 100th Birthday

Today was my grandmother Nilda Follini’s 100th birthday. She lived to be 95 and she was an extraordinary woman. This is a photo of her and my grandfather George, back in the 50’s. [...]

Ending another Year

A 5 day trip to NY for Christmas turned into 10 due to a blizzard on the 26th. This Boulder wedding photographer was very happy to be in New York City! Just back home today, reveling in the [...]

A Great Nilda Story

When my grandmother died, we all gathered for a real celebration of her life. One good thing about wakes and funerals is that we often get to hear stories about the person who has passed that we [...]

Happy Birthday Nilda Follini

Today is my grandmother’s birthday. She would have been 98 years old. She died 3 years ago and had a most amazing 95 years on the earth. She loved her family with such abundance and our [...]

The Sea comes to Me!

My Aunt Nancy and her partner/husband Joey, who we so love, shipped us clams and scallops express from CT. so we can have seafood on Christmas eve. They have an amazing business, Briarpatch [...]

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