Pulsatilla Vulgaris-Pasque Flower

One of my favorite early Spring flowers! The pulsatilla, or Pasque flower. The name Pasque relates to the time of year that is blooms in early Spring and Easter. Though these were taken on Apil [...]


The paperwhite narcissus is the December birth flower. Legend states that after Narcissus died, Apollo turned him into the flower narcissus. Paperwhites are grown from bulbs and are native to the [...]

Frank Francisconi-Rest in Peace

Another dear octogenarian friend passed away today. Frank Francisconi- a sweet Italian, WW II vet who was very proud of that! He was my garden friend from CT where I lived many years ago. We [...]

Zinnia Picking

You can go to Munson Farms on 75th and Valmont in Boulder, CO and pick zinnias. They are beautiful and only 5 for a buck! What a treat and a good deal for you brides if you are looking for some [...]

Keeping an eye out for Spring-see more of this photographic work at Studio Darshan in Nederland, CO www.studiodarshan.com

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