These tulips simply amazed me with their golden yellow bottoms catching the sun. Being pulled into the gardens with my cameras while the weddings gear up…a most exquisite season for [...]

Life in the Garden

We grew a zucchini as long as we could, just picked it and this is how big it got!And the tomatoes speak for themselves 🙂

Tomato Season

For the second year in a row, we harvested a heart tomato!Giving thanks for these glorious fruits!

Zucchini for Sale

Today we had our first veggie stand. Maya washed and sold 10 zucchini on the corner of our street. Love it!

Garden’s Bounty

Ate a fabulous salad all from the garden tonight. We celebrated Gea’s birthday too.Happy Birthday Week Gea! www.geawear.com Everyone loves her clothes!

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