Heritage Square Wedding Golden, CO

Heritage Square Wedding, Golden Colorado An action packed wedding filled with fun at Heritage Square in Golden, CO tonight. Steve and Chrissy were filled with love and life as they tied the knot [...]

Love over the Years

Last fall, I photographed Nikki and Chris’s wedding which was fabulous!! Instead of the anniversary dance, they asked the couples who were married 5 years, 20 years and 50 years to share [...]

My Grandmother’s 100th Birthday

Today was my grandmother Nilda Follini’s 100th birthday. She lived to be 95 and she was an extraordinary woman. This is a photo of her and my grandfather George, back in the 50’s. [...]

Neighborly Love

Not only did I come home to shoveled sidewalks and walkways into my home yesterday , but also to a snow heart of love on the table in the yard. It’s good to have good neighbors 🙂Thanks Alissa!

The Royal Wedding

I did not think I cared much about the Royal Wedding, particularly in light of the opposing news of the tornadoes. But I did watch some of it on the news this morning in the 9 am hour and then [...]

Love is Everywhere

Love is where you find it, even when it’s when you throw the banana skin on the counter and it lands just like this!


There’s a certain amount of love that wants to enter the world. And the ability to be part of the delivery system for that is probably the one goal that never goes away.” – [...]

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