Paying Attention

In the endyou won’t be knownfor the things you didor what you built,or what you said. You won’t even be knownfor the love givenor the hearts saved, because in the end you won’t be known. You [...]


KINDNESSby Naomi Shihab Nye Before you know what kindness really isyou must lose things,feel the future dissolve in a momentlike salt in a weakened broth,What you held in your hand,what you [...]

A Great Need

A Great NeedOutOf a great needWe are all holding handsAnd climbing.Not loving is a letting go.Listen,The terrain around hereIsFar tooDangerousForThat. -Hafiz


You can search the whole universe and not find a single being more worthy of love than yourself. Since each and every person is so precious to themselves, Let the self-respecting harm no other [...]


“On a day when the wind is perfect, the sail just needs to open and the love starts. Today is such a day.”~Rumi

July 23

Come To The Edge. Come to the edge, he said.We are afraid, they said.Come to the edge, he said.They came to the edge,He pushed them and they flew. Come to the edge, Life said.They said: We are [...]

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