Pulsatilla Vulgaris-Pasque Flower

One of my favorite early Spring flowers! The pulsatilla, or Pasque flower. The name Pasque relates to the time of year that is blooms in early Spring and Easter. Though these were taken on Apil [...]

Dreamy late Spring

We finally had some great rain fall on Monday and there is more potentially to come. We need it so badly and I am so happy when it arrives. Here are some dreamy images for the week.

One more Bokeh from Today

There is so much magic happening in the natural world right now. This emerging of life each year, amazes me more and more through my tool of photography. It is if I am almost seeing things I [...]

Slow Down Spring!

The weather has been so unseasonably warm and the trees are starting to bud-slow down, it’s too soon!

Spring Memory

Came across this image from last Spring. Two icelandic poppies showing up for the season. They feel very anthropomorphic to me. Enjoy!

Favorite Season

Finally saw some moisture here in Boulder and allowed some dewdrop photos to be made this morning. My favorite time of year! Happy Spring!

And we get to live HERE!

June is prime time in the front range of Colorado. Boulder is busting with green and flowers this season after many late snow storms. Worth the wait…

Today’s Light

From you have I been absent in the spring… (Sonnet 98) by William ShakespeareFrom you have I been absent in the spring,When proud-pied April, dressed in all his trim,Hath put a spirit of [...]

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