Courageous Women Retreat-Shambhala Mountain Center

Last August I had the privilege of photographing the Courageous Women workshop at the Shambhala Mountain Center. This was a group of women who came together for a week who were fighting cancer in some form. It was one of the most inspiring photo shoots of my career and one that impacted me greatly. These were powerful, inspiring and wildly courageous women taking on the battle of their lives with incredible grace and strength. I have since learned that 3 of these women have since passed away, one just yesterday, and this post is in their honor. I am very grateful to have photographed them and to now share these images with their loved ones; images that show them joyful at this amazing, supportive retreat. This retreat will happen again in 2012. If you know of anyone who would benefit from such an experience, please do spread the word. They all loved it!! Blessings to the spirits and families

of CJ, Jax and Lynette.

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