Have to Share

This weekend has brought me to a renewed place of understanding and appreciating the power of photography. This tool, this vision, this gift, allows us to see things after the fact, the moment, the day, the year. We can be reminded of the magic of family, the power of overcoming obstacles and remembering times past, times current, times healed. I am humbled and honored to participate in bringing this forth for my clients. Thank you! I share with you a testimonial I received today. It is the second such expression I received this weekend-where interactions are revealed in my photographs that show a family in a renewed place, and I give thanks for my love of this medium and the gift I receive each and every time I photograph. Thank you to my clients for the opportunity to do the work I so love creating and sharing with you.

I have been reviewing our photos, deciding which ones to frame. The truth is, they are all wonderful. Somehow you captured my dad cracking a quiet joke; my teenagers playing, just like they were when they were little; the love between my dad and step-mom; and me, on the other side of my long ordeal – happier, wiser, grateful, strong – as close to my genuine self as I would like to be. Thank you for seeing us as we are and saving those memories for us.

I remain your biggest fan, J

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