There comes a time when as a parent, I realize that I am no longer able to contain the innocence of my child. It all starts so innocently, the magic of pregnancy, labor, birth…it hardly seems possible that my heart could open so much to embrace a love this profound. Like in any relationship, there comes a time when I need to open up to a new perspective and instill a trust in her heart and my own. A time to realize how incredibly significant our influence is on their lives. A time when that inherent trust might be challenged.
Therein lies an opportunity to form an even more solid connection, bear more of myself to her, to my own self, my vision. A stronger identity can perhaps illicit a stronger sense of knowing, of teaching, of mothering, of influence, a place of higher ground where we can live in pure honesty, open heartedness, belief in the other, and faith in the inherent goodness of the human spirit.

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