Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory

“Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory”

TRT : 29 minutes 1997
Co-produced and Directed
by Barbara Colombo and Skye Hirst
Camera and Edit by Barbara Colombo
Starring John Streeter

In moments of candor and honesty, Mr. Streeter lets us peak at who he has been and who he has become over 89 years of life and best of all teaches us his gift for finding delight in small pleasures. He shares with us his unique view that 89 years as Science Historian and “keen minutia hunter” have given him. We find inspiration as we see the “glory” through his eyes and we learn that his life has been about the “gentle pursuit of spirituality.” But most importantly, Mr. Streeter brings us insights for the future as he chronicles the most important discoveries during his lifetime that science can now point to the moment in time when creation began. His conclusion that science cannot go before that moment but religion can is the thesis he brings forth.

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