[highlight]”Over 30″[/highlight] is a collection of black and white photographic portraits with inspirational statements by each subject. The portraits focus on heterosexual women over thirty years of age who remain unattached, some unwillingly, some by design. This work couples photographs of unmarried women between the ages of thirty and eighty-six with statements by the photo subjects.

[highlight]”Over 30 “[/highlight] is the brainchild of my own personal situation. Upon reaching and passing the 30 year milestone in life I found myself questioning my circumstances. Where were all the things that a woman should have by her thirties ? Where was the husband, the house in the suburbs? What about children and career? In other words, all the dictates of popular culture. In a young culture basically devoid of common ritual, marriage seems to be a hallmark of adulthood. This photo-essay presents women rising above this sea of culturally imposed “shoulds” and “should nots” and gender based stereotypes.

It brings a unique perspective to a common ritual by questioning the ideas of marriage by a variety of women, from here and abroad. With pressures and influences from all areas of life, this work explores the contemporary question of how women approach adult life in the absence of marriage.



Gordon Parks, renowned LIFE Magazine photographer, filmmaker:

[quote]”A misfortune or a threat? Certainly this is a profound question for unmarried heterosexual women over 30 years of age to give serious thought. I find Barbara Colombo’s remarkable collection of portraits to be intriguing–to the eye and to the heart. Each one holds both an intellectual and emotional response that is absent in current market publications.”

“Certainly Barbara has done her homework. Having passed the thirty-year mark, she has called upon her personal experience to back it up. Her Portraits of Unmarried Women is a grand step toward understanding women who beautifully express their honest sentiments about not having crossed the alter.”[/quote]

Lee Reilly, author, Women Living Single (1996); Teaching Maggie (2000):

[quote]”In these engaging, touching, and honest photos, Barbara Colombo explores the faces and the lives of women who are frequently misunderstood — yet represent more than 12 percent of women over 30. These images set the record straight: unmarried women over the age of 30 are beautiful, interesting, bold, focused, complex, and compelling. The photos — and the women in them – shine a light on our fears and misconceptions, and they expand our understanding and appreciation of the feminine experience.”[/quote] [hr]


The [highlight]Over 30 exhibit[/highlight] consists of twenty-three museum quality framed black and white photographs. This exhibit travels nationwide to women’s studies centers, universities, libraries, galleries, and other community centers.

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