Shambhala Mountain Center

For my second year, I have spent a few days at the Shambhala Mountain Center at the Courageous Women Fearless Living Retreat for women with cancer. I must say, it is one of the most rewarding and inspiring photography experiences I have participated in. I donate my time and service for Shambhala and share the images with the women. It is as if I have known many of them for years and the feeling of warmth and comraderie is a true gift. These surely are courageous women and it is my great honor to photograph them at this challenging time in their lives. We had a wonderful Stupa Tour with Josh who is the amazing artist who did much of the work in the building and design. He allowed us all to write on the new flags and raise them up to grace the land around the stupa. A real treat! If you want to know more about this wonderful, annual retreat, find them here. They give out several scholarships a year so do look into it if you or someone you care about is interested.

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