Sunrise Amphitheater Wedding, Boulder CO

Today was the wedding of Kevin and Leslie. It was a wild day of weather here in Colorado with rain all afternoon, hampering our idea to do formal portraits at Chautaqua Park in Boulder. I ended up with 30 people in my studio at the last minute and we did all the photos here which is a first for me. We then braved the rain to head up to the Sunrise Amphitheater up Flagstaff Mountain for the ceremony. The rain quickly turned to snow which happens when you go up the smallest amount of altitude.
I love that they have photos from their wedding in both rain and snow in a matter of minutes-a true testament to diversity in images which I strive to give to my clients.
And the funny thing is, I initially met Kevin in a snow storm. I was driving down Boulder canyon in March from Nederland and saw a man on a road bike in a serious snow squall that had unexpectedly moved in. I initially thought, wow, that guy is a serious rider! But then I slowed down and asked through my passenger window if he was ok. And he said “No, I’m in trouble.” I pulled over, we loaded his bike in the car and I took him down to Boulder. He mentioned his fiancee and I said, “Are you getting married? I’m a wedding photographer. :)” When I dropped him off, I gave him my card and a few weeks later, his fiancee, Leslie called and today I photographed their wedding. They are a beautiful couple who seem perfect for each other.
I am honored to have been there to photograph them and their families and give thanks for the continual opportunities to share in people’s lives. A true gift.

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