Thinking About Love

I met with a couple yesterday who are planning their wedding in September. We talked all about the details for their event, the guests who were coming, their dreams for photography. The groom was uncomfortable with being the center of attention and it got me thinking about the beauty of a the wedding ritual and how it fuels all of us who attend, who witness and who support the couple. It is a courageous act to take vows in front of all your closest friends and family, to commit to one another for a lifetime of love. Relationships can be the greatest catalyst for opening your heart, for the joy and comfort of companionship, for insurmountable growth. Love is such a gift in all of its forms. The ceremony can feed all of us hope and infuse us with joy, through the witnessing of two people truly loving one another. By creating ceremony, ritual, community, we not only feed ourselves and each other, but I do believe we feed the greater collective of people and the planet. Blessings to all couples who share their love with all of us, and I know I am so very blessed to witness and document this most memorable day in people’s lives. Thank you!

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