Wedding Anniversary Testimonial

A Testimonial From a Wonderful Couple on Their 2 Year Wedding Anniversary

Hi, Barb Colombo!

Today is our 2 year wedding anniversary and we just finished re-reading through our Wedding Vow Book (which I put together, complete with gorgeous photos). We were saying how much we value having you and your amazing photographic gifts capturing the love, spirit and essence of our special day. Thank you for creating such beautiful memories that will last a lifetime! We will always remember you.


Marc & Julie Bennett

Thank you for these kinds words…that is my highest intention, to bring you memories to last and last through these images. It was my greatest pleasure to witness the joining of the two of you… A truly magical, amazing wedding and couple you are. Thank you for sharing this — made my day.

Happy anniversary!!!


Your beautiful reply brought tears to my eyes as we know that to be true. Your talent and passion and dedication to your work shines through in all of your photos. And 11:11 was a big sign for us! Thank you again for feeling and being such an important part of the amazing magical energy that was present that day two years ago.

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