Women in Business

Once a month a group of independent, women business owners get together at my studio to network and support each other. We are not fancy or formal about it, yet support each other with great enthusiasm and love. It is a true gift to have this monthly gathering of entrepreneurial women. Shown here are a few of the women in the group from this month’s meeting. Cindy Morris of Priestess Entrepreneur astrologer and TV talk hostess, handy woman Megan Blohm, of Working Hands,(who is so busy she does not even need a website :), Jo Lee, the intuitive of Spirit Whispering,, Susan Steele, the interior designer of Interior Motives, and Robin Meetz, the graphic designer of Imagination Technology.
If you are in need of any of these services, please do give them a call or see their websites as these are fine women doing great work. Some more representatives of the group will be featured next month….

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